Multicultural Kid

The topic of conversation tonight at dinner was what Santa and Mrs. Claus might be doing tonight. We told the girls that Mrs. Claus had probably made Santa a nice, big pot of chicken noodle soup and they were likely relaxing after all their hard work.

DAD: Santa had a big weekend. Even after he delivered our presents he still had work to do. He still had to deliver to kids in other countries because when it’s night time here, it’s morning in some other countries.

MOM: And the difference isn’t just time. When it’s winter here, it’s summer in Australia.

DAD: For example, when we get up in the morning they’re already eating dinner in countries like Iraq and China.

LU: So, first it’s dinner. Then it’s breakfast. Then it’s lunch. Hmmm, I think I know all about Chinese, dad.

DAD: (The uncontrollable laughter nearly sends his soup out through his nose.)



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