Change of Plans

With Mr. Morrow on duty tonight I was really looking forward to coming
home and getting all snuggled up in my bed with the girls. They had
already climbed into bed and I was brushing my teeth when the laughter
began and I overheard the following conversation.

ROO : Eeeeeeeewwwww! And it was TOWARD you!

LU : I don’t care about farts. Let me smell that one. Quick! Let me
under the covers. (PAUSE) Ewwww, Sissy! You reek.

As I fought to contain my laughter in the bathroom the conversation
turned toward me.

ROO : Mom, aren’t you coming to bed?

ME : Ummmm…there’s been a change of plans. I think I’ll just sleep
in the garage tonight. Sleep tight, okay.



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