Kilt Patrol

Chris took the girls to Irish Fest today. Roo was especially excited about this because, liked her daddy, she has recently taken up bagpipes. Their instructors from the St. Andrews Pipe and Drum Band were playing and they decided to check out a few t-shirt stands.

The Lu decided she wanted a the “Irish Girl” shirt while Roo declared that she wanted the “Kilt Inspector” shirt.

Not sure if he wanted to explain to her why a Kilt Inspector shirt was inappropriate for a little girl Chris made his his best attempt to put her off, saying, “We’ll look online. I’m sure there are plenty of options for kids.” She was persistent but he managed to get her past it.

When they returned home after Irish Fest Chris showed me the two shirts he purchased for himself. And Roo said, “Mama, I really want the one that says ‘Kilt Inspector’.”

Like the bad parent I am I busted out laughing and looked at my husband with that “are you going to tell her or am I” face. The kid is persistent and when she likes something nobody’s gonna sway her in another direction.

Looking incredibly uncomfortable, my husband begins to explain to our daughter that “some guys, NOT DADDY, are silly and don’t wear underwear under their kilts”.

“I know. I know,” he says. “That’s really gross and silly.”

Now laughing even harder I interrupt them. “Are you sure you want to be a kilt inspector, Roo?”

“Nope. I’m good. I’m good,” she said as she turned 8 shades of red and swiftly exited the room.

Now let’s just hope she doesn’t change her tune in 10-12 years. Trust me, I know how firemen are. One even convinced me to marry him.

And while Roo may not have gotten her Kilt Inspector shirt, she and her sister did get their faces painted by our dear, talented friend MJ from Sister Act Face Painting.




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