You’re Hired!

The Ruler has taken quite an interest in photography in the last year and I’m so excited to be able to share one of my greatest passions with her.

I had two photo shoots today with longtime clients whom I adore and I knew they wouldn’t mind if Roo tagged along with me. I wish I would have taken a photo of her face when I asked her if she wanted to join me. Her expression was priceless!

She ended up being so much more than a tag along. She was a wonderful assistant, helping with everything from props to getting the kids to smile. She even took a few behind the scenes photos of me working.

These are her photographs. And like a great photographer she was so sly I didn’t even know she had taken them.



She was such a big help I decided to hand the real camera over to her and let her take a few shots herself.

She loved it and immediately declared that she wanted to assist me on ALL of my shoots.

You’re hired, kid!



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