Spring Break Road Trip – Part 1

We’re all about the last-minute random road trip and this one took us to The Windy City.

chicago road trip 01

chicago road trip 02

Mapping the route.

chicago road trip 03

Somewhere outside of St. Louis.

chicago road trip 07

Rolling in to Chi-Town.

chicago road trip 04

First food stop – The Original Gino’s East. The neat-freak in me could hardly handle the graffiti.

chicago road trip 05

chicago road trip 06

Elevator ceiling selfies. I mean, how could we not?

chicago road trip 08

chicago road trip 09

Crown Fountain in Millenium Park. These massive towers made of glass block project video images using only red, green and blue lights. It was freezing in Chicago so the water wasn’t flowing, but they were still so cool!

chicago road trip 10

chicago road trip 11

A close-up of the glass blocks.

chicago road trip 12

A close up of the RGB lights.

chicago road trip 13

One of the many faces projected using the RGB lights in the glass block towers.

chicago road trip 14

chicago road trip 15

Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean. It’s a 110-ton elliptical sculpture made of polished stainless steel plates and it reflects Chicago’s amazing skyline and the clouds. The Bean is 66 feet long and 33 feet high. Depending on the where you’re standing it can sometimes look like a funhouse mirror! Anyone recognize the building with the diamond shaped roof? Hello, Adventures in Babysitting! One of my favorite movies as a kid. I’m thinking we’ll have to find it on Netflix so the girls can watch it.

chicago road trip 16

Chris and I look on (top of the photo) as the girls touch The Bean.

chicago road trip 17

Me photographing a guy photographing a girl looking at The Bean.

chicago road trip 18

You can actually walk under the 12 foot tall arch in the middle of The Bean.

chicago road trip 19

chicago road trip 20

chicago road trip 21

We loved The Bean! I’ve seen some amazing photos online and think it would be really cool to be there at sunrise and sunset to see how different it looks. Wait! Who am I kidding? Me? Sunset? Pffftttt. Yeah right. That’s what the internet is for.

chicago road trip 22

We hit up Hershey’s Chocolate World on Michigan Avenue. Roo got a double chocolate peanut butter cookie and Lu and I shared a giant s’more cookie that I could easily become addicted to. I’m going to have to try to make them at home sometime.

chicago road trip 24

Dinner at Oysy Sushi. Pronounced oh-ee-she, it means delicious. And it was!

chicago road trip 23

Silly selfies at dinner.

chicago road trip 25

After dinner The Lu asked if she could be the one to “grab a cab”. She did it and she was so proud of herself. Much to her father’s dismay, that’s my city girl!

chicago road trip 26

chicago road trip 27

The Chicago Theater sign. Taken through the cab window on the way back to the hotel as I was holding on for dear life.


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