3,285 Days

For some reason that doesn’t sound quite as harsh as nine years. How on earth has it been nine years since our baby was born?

We’ve spent the last 3,285 days in awe of this little life we created.

She marches to the beat of her own drum.

She’s a total jokester.

She loves to shop.

She can’t tell a lie without flashing a massive shit-eating grin.

She loves art.

She’s never met a stranger.

She’s got some of the sweetest dance moves you’ll ever see.

She loves ribs and ice cream more than anyone I’ve ever known.

She’s got the kindest heart.

She could win an Olympic Gold Medal in snuggling.

And we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

Some of our favorite pictures from the last 3,285 days…

Lucee 01 Lucee 02 Lucee 03 Lucee 04 Lucee 05 Lucee 06 Lucee 07 Lucee 08 Lucee 09 Lucee 10 Lucee 11 Lucee 12 Lucee 14 Lucee 13 Lucee 15 Lucee 16 Lucee 17 Lucee 18 Lucee 19 Lucee 20 Lucee 21 Lucee 22 Lucee 23 Lucee 24 Lucee 25

Happy 9th Birthday, Talulah Mae! We love you more than ribs and ice cream!


One thought on “3,285 Days

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