My Favorite Illustrator

The Lu has been hard at work in her illustrations. Here are a few of her latest pieces.






Diary Drawings

Roo got The Littlest Pet Shop Diary for Christmas and she’s been writing and drawing like a mad woman ever since. Today she drew this awesome picture of her daddy in his firetruck.

He’s so proud of her. He’ll be taking this to work to hang in his locker. And when he told her he was going to do that she said, “But wait, Daddy. Mom needs to scan it for the blog first!”

That girl’s got it DOWN!

Another Photographer In The Family

The Lu finally got a camera of her own. Now she’s just like her mom and sister….always in somebody’s face.

Here’s a shot of her sister playing with her favorite Christmas gift, The Leapster.

A self portrait.

And our Christmas tree with a little motion blur added for drama.