Twelve years ago today I earned the most important title I’ll ever have.


It took 19 hours of labor and a c-section to earn that title, but I’ll gladly take it. This girl has given me more joy than I ever thought possible. When I photograph someone else’s child I always ask what single word they would use to sum up their child’s entire personality. It’s a tough question, I know. But it gives me a glimpse of they way they see their child. As I gathered these pictures of our now twelve year old Roo I tried to think of the single word that could sum her up and I just couldn’t narrow it down so in honor of her twelfth birthday I’ve chosen twelve words that I think sum her up.













Each of these are qualities I greatly admire, Roo. I’m so proud of the young lady you’ve become. I want you to know that I love you and that I’ll always be in your corner.
Happy 12th Birthday, Rilee Corinne!



twelve years of rilee 01

twelve years of rilee 02


Say It Isn’t So

This child of mine is NOT about to be TEN. YEARS. OLD.


Not possible.

Not happening.

No way.

heather morrow kansas city child photographer

Her birthday isn’t for another week but I’m already freaking out. Someone please tell me how to slow time. I want my babies to stay babies.

FIVE is the new FOUR

Good God, I love this girl! I often wonder what I did to deserve her. She’s the most amazing little being and just thinking of her brings a smile to my face. Her hugs warm my heart and her laugh makes me forget all my worries.

I love you, Lucee Olivia. Happy 5th birthday, baby!

The New Three

Since four is the new three, we had no choice but to go out and photograph it. Happy Birthday Lu! You’re every bit as fantastic and I always hoped you’d be…and then some. You make me laugh. You make me smile. You melt my heart and you fill it with joy. Then you do something totally rotten, flash me that devilishly sweet smile and the cycle just starts all over again. I love you, “buthday guhl”!

What’s the fun of a birthday if you don’t have a sister to help you celebrate.

And before we know it six will be the new five.

And what’s the cost of such a lovely photo shoot? Not much. It only set me back two blue raspberry sorbet cones from Baskin-Robbins. And five hundred wet wipes.