Sweet Lucee Brown

When The Lu comes to me and says, “Hey, Mom! Record this!” I absolutely, positively, without question RECORD THIS.

This 23 seconds makes me unbelievably proud. As in bring a tear to your eye and ask yourself “did I really create this human?” proud.

Now excuse me while I go high five my husband and pat myself on the back. Because yes, we made that funny little human.



Say It Isn’t So

This child of mine is NOT about to be TEN. YEARS. OLD.


Not possible.

Not happening.

No way.

heather morrow kansas city child photographer

Her birthday isn’t for another week but I’m already freaking out. Someone please tell me how to slow time. I want my babies to stay babies.

All She Wants for Christmas is…A Man

I asked The Lu to write out a Christmas list last night.


I was slightly alarmed that my 9 year old wanted “a man” for Christmas. When I asked why she felt she needed a man she said, “You know…to be my bodyguard. And stand in the lunch line at school for me. Have you seen how long that line is?”

Katy Perry

Windows down, hair blowing in the wind, we were enjoying a beautiful August evening as we drove home from volleyball practice. Until a car pulls up next to us blasting a Katy Perry song.

Lu looks over and says, “Eeeeeew, that dude doesn’t have a shirt on.”

Roo adds, “Yeah, and he’s listening to Katy Perry. Because that’s real manly.”

Spring Break Road Trip – Part 1

We’re all about the last-minute random road trip and this one took us to The Windy City. Mapping the route. Somewhere outside of St. Louis. Rolling in to Chi-Town. First food stop – The Original Gino’s East. The neat-freak in … Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

We had a beautiful snow on New Year’s Eve and we spent a lot of time outside playing and building a snowgirl – a snowGirl on the Run, to be exact.

Poor Frankie’s legs are so short that his identification tag drug across the top of the snow and collected a little snowball. #dachshundproblems
As the snow melted a few days later our snowgirl looked like she was rockin’ the gangsta lean.

Merry Christmas

Chris is on duty today so we wish you a Merry Christmas from our home away from home.


Oh, and don’t mind the extra kid…we tend to pick up an extra or two when we hang out with our fire family. Sammy Bull wishes you a Merry Christmas too!

Sniff Sniff

Our babies are growing up. And it’s happening way too fast. But they are becoming the most amazing little ladies who continue to push me and inspire me to be a better person.



I love them with all my heart and I have to admit that I did shed a tear (maybe two or ten) when we dropped them off this morning. But they’re in good hands and they both really love school.

Roo and Lu, you’re are bright and sparkly and beautiful and I just know you’re both gonna rock the hell outta 3rd and 4th grades. Have fun!

Love, Mama