My Dying Soul

Upon learning Peachwave no longer has pineapple frozen yogurt I told the girls that a little bit of my soul just died.

Roo said, “Well…now you’ve got one foot in the grave, Mom.”



Spa Day

We took advantage of a snow day and pampered ourselves today.

I love spoiling these two!

Spring Break Road Trip – Part 1

We’re all about the last-minute random road trip and this one took us to The Windy City. Mapping the route. Somewhere outside of St. Louis. Rolling in to Chi-Town. First food stop – The Original Gino’s East. The neat-freak in … Continue reading

Explorer of Light

So, the coolest thing happened today. I was in the bathroom braiding The Ruler’s hair. She was playing with a handheld mirror when she suddenly GASPED. She’s extremely tender-headed so I thought maybe I’d gotten her braid a little too tight but no…my girl had just realized that light can be reflected. If you’re not a photographer, you’re probably thinking “so what”. But if you’re ARE a photographer you know what a big deal this is.

exploring light by heather morrow on instagram

I saw her wheels begin to turn as she started to angle and turn the mirror exploring the different ways that light could be reflected on to her face and the walls around her. She got so excited and of course, so did I. This kid already loves to document life and now she’s truly beginning to understand light. My heart is full and I’m so proud of my little photographer in training!

Feeling Very Loved

The Ruler and I have had a lot of one on one time lately. I’m soaking up every single second and feeling very loved.

In fact, we saw this on our way to go vintage shopping in the West Bottoms today.


Oh, how I love my sweet girl and her old soul.

You’re Hired!

The Ruler has taken quite an interest in photography in the last year and I’m so excited to be able to share one of my greatest passions with her.

I had two photo shoots today with longtime clients whom I adore and I knew they wouldn’t mind if Roo tagged along with me. I wish I would have taken a photo of her face when I asked her if she wanted to join me. Her expression was priceless!

She ended up being so much more than a tag along. She was a wonderful assistant, helping with everything from props to getting the kids to smile. She even took a few behind the scenes photos of me working.

These are her photographs. And like a great photographer she was so sly I didn’t even know she had taken them.



She was such a big help I decided to hand the real camera over to her and let her take a few shots herself.

She loved it and immediately declared that she wanted to assist me on ALL of my shoots.

You’re hired, kid!

Merry Christmas

Chris is on duty today so we wish you a Merry Christmas from our home away from home.


Oh, and don’t mind the extra kid…we tend to pick up an extra or two when we hang out with our fire family. Sammy Bull wishes you a Merry Christmas too!

These Days Won’t Last Forever

It’s Saturday night. Chris and I had been planning to go to a birthday party for a friend and the girls were all set to spend the night at Grandma’s.
Just before we put the girls in the shower Lu asked the question I hope she never stops asking, “Do we have to go to Grandma’s?”
“Yeah, we’d rather stay home with you guys tonight,” said Roo.
There was no discussion. No debate. No doubt. My kids WANT to hang out with me. And I’m going to make it happen for I know it won’t be long until we’re the LAST people they want to spend their Saturday nights with. But I’m not quite ready to talk about that yet.
So, for now, we’re enjoying those two little squirts who still think we’re cool.

Hello, Lover

Playing monopoly with the family tonight.
ME : It’s your turn, Chris.
LU : Why do you call Daddy Chris?
ME : What should I call him? Dirtbag? Butthead?
LU : How about Loverrrrrrrrr?
Really? How does she even come up with this stuff?


Happy New Year to all of our friends and family.

We had dinner with friends from the fire department and then rang in the new year at home with Roo and Lu. It was a raging party with sweat pants, double fudge brownie ice cream and kazoos for everyone.

Just after midnight we asked the girls what their new years resolutions were.

Roo wants to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Lu wants to have a fancy date with her daddy.

Daddy wants to…wait, who am I kidding? The guy can barely decide what he wants for dinner let along what he’s going to do next year.

I have two (so far). The first will be a work in progress. I want – no, scratch that – I need to develop a regular, healthy sleep pattern. The second of my resolutions is to walk and/or run 1,000 miles in 2011. In 2010 I logged 639 miles and I really didn't do much walking or running this fall.

With each other to lean on I'm pretty sure we can make all these things (and more) happen.

Here’s to a happy, healthy new year full of love, laughter and wild adventures.

I Almost Missed the Point

I recently stumbled upon a photograph of my Great Grandma Rilee. It’s one of the few I have of her. She’s who our Rilee was named after. I thought it would be a nice photo to have in the girls’ room and that they, especially Rilee, would enjoy having it there.

I found a frame and placed it on their bookshelf right at their eye level and it makes me smile every time I step into their room.

I was young when she died but I remember Great Grandma as a thoughtful, soft-spoken but strong woman who was full of love for her family and friends. Reminds me of someone else I know who happens to share her name (well, except for the soft spoken part sometimes).

Tonight, as we’re putting the girls to bed I noticed that the bottom half of her picture appeared to be stuck to the glass in the frame. I could tell that the photo had gotten wet. Really wet. I panicked. Not only is it one of the few photos I have of her, it’s the only copy I have and it was obviously shot long before the digital age. No backup on a hard drive. No re-prints to be made and I don’t have the negatives.

Without my great grandmother’s thoughtful, soft-spoken style I immediately barked, “What happened to this picture? Who did this? This is the only copy I have and I’ll never be able to make another one.”

Everyone, including Chris, came up blank. No answers. No idea what happened. Frustrated and upset I watched and listened as the girls said their bedtime prayers before we kissed them goodnight and tucked them in.

It wasn’t long before I heard that creak that only comes from the girls’ door. Little footsteps pitter-pattered their way into the kitchen where I was putting dishes away. I couldn’t tell from the footsteps who was headed my way. Roo rounded the corner with a sad look on her little, round face. Big brown eyes stared up at me but there were no words.

I assumed it was a stall tactic or that she was sad about my upcoming trip out of town. After several “what’s wrongs” and with tears streaming down those little, round cheeks, in soft-spoken voice she said, “Mama, you know that picture? That picture of your great grandma? I was just trying to get the dust off of my bookcase so I got some toilet paper and I got it wet…”

And she broke down. And it was all I could do to not break down, too.

As a photographer we get caught up in the notion that images are everything. Our photographs are all that we have to help us hold on to memories. I was wrong. And I was missing the point.

Yes, I cherish my photographs, but in this case the photograph isn’t what matters. What matters is that my daughter was thoughtful and strong enough to tell the truth – no matter the consequence.

And what matters is that my heart is full of love for this gift of a little girl who, at the age of eight, is already more than I could ever dream she would be.

And what matters is that I have her. And no piece of paper marked with ink will ever match that.