The Rilee Times

This girl. She’s kinda sorta completely awesome.



Twelve years ago today I earned the most important title I’ll ever have.


It took 19 hours of labor and a c-section to earn that title, but I’ll gladly take it. This girl has given me more joy than I ever thought possible. When I photograph someone else’s child I always ask what single word they would use to sum up their child’s entire personality. It’s a tough question, I know. But it gives me a glimpse of they way they see their child. As I gathered these pictures of our now twelve year old Roo I tried to think of the single word that could sum her up and I just couldn’t narrow it down so in honor of her twelfth birthday I’ve chosen twelve words that I think sum her up.













Each of these are qualities I greatly admire, Roo. I’m so proud of the young lady you’ve become. I want you to know that I love you and that I’ll always be in your corner.
Happy 12th Birthday, Rilee Corinne!



twelve years of rilee 01

twelve years of rilee 02

Why My Daughter May Never Have a Boyfriend

After shaking my head in disgust and asking Roo to excuse herself to the bathroom she said, “Mom, I’m not gonna go to the bathroom for just a fart!”

First of all child, that wasn’t just A fart. That was a FAAAAAAART.

Possibly the fart of the century.

And second, I tried. I tried and I failed but I take comfort in the fact that this behavior just might keep the boys away.

And that is perfectly fine with me.

Katy Perry

Windows down, hair blowing in the wind, we were enjoying a beautiful August evening as we drove home from volleyball practice. Until a car pulls up next to us blasting a Katy Perry song.

Lu looks over and says, “Eeeeeew, that dude doesn’t have a shirt on.”

Roo adds, “Yeah, and he’s listening to Katy Perry. Because that’s real manly.”

Spring Break Road Trip – Part 1

We’re all about the last-minute random road trip and this one took us to The Windy City. Mapping the route. Somewhere outside of St. Louis. Rolling in to Chi-Town. First food stop – The Original Gino’s East. The neat-freak in … Continue reading

These Two

These two.

Their orneriness.

The matching dimples in their right cheeks.

And the unbreakable bond they share.

They slay me.


It seems like Roo is changing so much lately. My first born. She’s growing up so fast. And she just gets more beautiful every day. This afternoon I just couldn’t stop staring at her.


And this guy. Lord, I’m a sucker for him too.


Explorer of Light

So, the coolest thing happened today. I was in the bathroom braiding The Ruler’s hair. She was playing with a handheld mirror when she suddenly GASPED. She’s extremely tender-headed so I thought maybe I’d gotten her braid a little too tight but no…my girl had just realized that light can be reflected. If you’re not a photographer, you’re probably thinking “so what”. But if you’re ARE a photographer you know what a big deal this is.

exploring light by heather morrow on instagram

I saw her wheels begin to turn as she started to angle and turn the mirror exploring the different ways that light could be reflected on to her face and the walls around her. She got so excited and of course, so did I. This kid already loves to document life and now she’s truly beginning to understand light. My heart is full and I’m so proud of my little photographer in training!

Feeling Very Loved

The Ruler and I have had a lot of one on one time lately. I’m soaking up every single second and feeling very loved.

In fact, we saw this on our way to go vintage shopping in the West Bottoms today.


Oh, how I love my sweet girl and her old soul.