The Rilee Times

This girl. She’s kinda sorta completely awesome.



Sniff Sniff

Our babies are growing up. And it’s happening way too fast. But they are becoming the most amazing little ladies who continue to push me and inspire me to be a better person.



I love them with all my heart and I have to admit that I did shed a tear (maybe two or ten) when we dropped them off this morning. But they’re in good hands and they both really love school.

Roo and Lu, you’re are bright and sparkly and beautiful and I just know you’re both gonna rock the hell outta 3rd and 4th grades. Have fun!

Love, Mama

Talent Show

The Ruler entered the school talent show for the second year in a row. She taught her friend Jacy one of the dances she learned in her hip hop class at Paco Dance Academy. They made some changes to the choreography, practiced every day at recess and after even met up to practice after school one day and well…they pretty much killed it!

We’re so proud of the girls. And thanks to our friend Leo who taped the performance for us!

iWalk – A Monumental Occasion

Today was International Walk to School Day. We joined lots of students, parents and teachers on a gorgeous morning to walk from City Hall to the school.

This was a monumental occasion for me. I love to walk home from school but I rise early enough to walk TO school only once a year. It was fun and all but, Juan Valdez himself couldn’t grow enough coffee to get me to do that on a regular basis.

Feel Better

Poor Lucee was in tears after school. One of her friends is moving today. I was hugging on her, asked if she wanted to listen to some music and told her that music sometimes helps me feel better. She said, “Mommy, I think The Ting Tings will help me feel better.”

I Shirt You Not

All of a sudden letter sounds are really starting to click with The Lu. She’s become quite the little spelling machine. Today she brought home a paper with rhyming pictures so and we sat down to try to spell each of the words.

She’s really on a roll.



Oh! Shit.

Uh…Lu, I think you mean SHIRT?

Wall of Fame

I truly hope our girls know just how lucky they are. Their daddy made
the Watch D.O.G.S. Wall of Fame at school for his participation this

Growing up I could only dream of having a dad like theirs. He loves
them whole-heartedly and unconditionally and would do anything for
them. Anything.

Thank you, Chris for being more than I ever dreamed of.

Hoping for a Kindergarten Pardon

The Lu came home with a school project this week. She had a print out of a turkey and she needed to disguise it as another animal or character so it would receive a Thanksgiving pardon.

When Roo said that someone in her kindergarten class disguised their turkey as Barack Obama Lu had the idea to disguise hers as the school principal.

We’re hoping for a kindergarten pardon. If not, we’ll have to ask for leniency in sentencing.