The Rilee Times

This girl. She’s kinda sorta completely awesome.



Drop the Hammer

The Ruler joined her first club softball team and she’s been working hard at speed and agility clinics and even attended a catching camp this weekend. I’m so proud of this girl! She’s quite the stud.



Soccer Is So Last Week

ME: Lula, come here. We need to get you into your soccer clothes.


ME: What’s that supposed to mean?

LU: But I don’t like soccer.

ME: Excuse me. Have you forgotten that you ASKED to play soccer?

LU: But that was last week.

ME: Of course it was. How silly of me.

It’s Official

I’m a soccer Mom.

We just signed Roo up for her first soccer league. YEAH!

She was in the car with Chris and Lu the other day when she said, “Daddy, I really, really, really wanna play soccer.” We were lucky enough to get her on a team with one of her best preschool friends, Kendall. The season doesn’t start until March 29, but we’re so excited and we’ll have lots of pictures. And hopefully they’ll have numbers on their jerseys because when Chris asked what number she wanted to be she said, “ZERO”.